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24 Sep



Who’s sitting in front of their TVs, with their eyes glued to the screen like me?!
Well, if you were… you wouldn’t have Googled ANTM and ended up here… right?

ANYWAY. On with the show!

So the finalists are:


16, Victoria




16, Victoria




17, Victoria



To start off the show, ANTM brought back all the losers – I mean past contestants that were eliminated in order of their elimination.

With giant headpieces and dresses flowing for ages, they were the best accessory for Rudimental’s opening!

And might I just add that Jade is absolutely gorgeous!!
(There was definitely going to bit a plug of my favourite ones…)

Done with the eliminated, the final 3 walk on stage with ridiculous outfits – Duckie in gold, Shanali in white and Melissa in black. Hmmm who will take home the crown tonight?
Either way, I hope it looks better than the ones they’re wearing… they left the worst outfits to last.

Out walks Jen Hawkins in a gorgeous low cut royal blue dress.
Introducing the finalists (just in case we live under a rock and didn’t know who they are), she also introduced the judges of the show.

Judges of ANTM S8

Judges of ANTM S8

Anyone see Didier walk out on the runway? Rather than strut his stuff, he began waving his hands whilst wedging his elbows to his waist, looking like a duck all the way…
Worst entry every. And dude, get rid of the beard and horrible hair – hot factor just dropped dramatically.

Now who’s supporting who?

Alex Perry singled out Shanali.

Didier singled out Duckie.

And who else would Charlotte support? Melissa.

Seeing as they’ve all got one each, I assume they weren’t genuine acts of support.
I wonder who they really think will win?

How Far They’ve Come

With quick clips of how each have dealt with going back to school and “back to normal life”, Jen Hawkins brings the girls back out (of course with a wardrobe change) for a quick Q&A – pageant style.

Notable points – I LOVE Shanali’s dress!
The sunny yellow colour definitely compliments her skin tone.

Meanwhile, Melissa stands there with her arms crossed, legs a part; definitely not holding herself up properly as a model.

*Cut to the clip of their Harper’s Bazaar shoot*

Harper’s Bazaar Photo Shoot

A nice little reel of their Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot, Shanali and Duckie show their true potential with some behind-the-scenes footage and proved themselves with our little preview of the final images. But Melissa fell short of impressing me in her cover preview (because I’m so important and everything). I really hope she doesn’t win. The other girls are much better model quality than Melissa!

Following that lovely snippet, we have all 3 judges and all 3 finalists on stage for another quick Q&A.

Shanali impresses me with her answer of wanting to meet Karl Lagerfeld – head designer of power fashion house Chanel, before she “hits the mark” and knows she’s made of model-gold.

Melissa continues to be standoff-ish with her closed stature and smug expressions.
Not cool.

And Duckie disappointed me with her lack of forward-facing (literally – she was looking sideways) and awkward short answers to Didier’s questions!
Poor Duckie had to receive a helping hand from Didier who kept asking the crowd to cheer, in an attempt to help her cover up….

Up next is RICKI-LEE!

Her performance is accompanied by a catwalk by the eliminated contestants, all wearing 80s-hyper real-candy house pieces by Romance Is Born. Loving the line actually!
And a quick shout out to Ashley for looking like a goddess that fell from the heavens. That girl might be annoying, but DAMN, she’s got a great face!

Quick plug from by Jen Hawkins about RICKI-LEE’s new single on iTunes… we’re whipping into another quick reel of each finalist praising the others.

And before we head over to the first elimination, another quick tear-jerking reel is presented with one of each finalists’ parents sharing some words about their baby.

But without further ado…


And without any more hindrance, Jen Hawkins announces the first girl to go through to the final. With my heart beating a million times an hour, along with those on stage; the girl going through to the finals first is….


That was expected though. But congratulations to her!

And now… between Melissa and Duckie, the next girl going through to the finals is….


WOW that was definitely unexpected! Who would’ve though little Melissa was going through to the end???
But that means Duckie has been eliminated 😦 Poor thing. She definitely had so much potential. I hope she pursues her career with modelling!




A great little fuse of models, Cirque du Soleil and Michael Jackson’s back track follows on stage for a TV first performance!

The girls really didn’t’ have much to do besides fill the background, but it was still great to have them be involved in the performance! Imagine that: “I performed on stage with Cirque du Soleil”. That’s sounds amazing enough.

Oh and of course out struts over-accessorised Melissa and Shanali in AMAZING DRESSES.

*insert shameless plug of Cirque du Soleil’s current tour…*

And now for the FINAL ELIMINATION!


Again another quick reel of Shanali and Melissa’s journey throughout ANTM, we’re now onto the final elimination and announcements of the WINNER OF AUSTRALIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL!

*cue another wardrobe change* – whoa aren’t they tired of all the glitz and glamourous clothing?!
Suppose not.

Now… for the ultimate announcement that we’ve been waiting MONTHS for…

The winner of Australia’s Next Top Model is…..!






Which means Shanali – the judge’s favourite and my bet, was eliminated from the competition.

I’m sure Shanali will already be receiving calls from designers and editors, wanting her to be working on their sets.



Well that’s all from me! Hope you enjoyed this series 🙂

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for future posts.



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13 Apr

Hi guys!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently.
I had a little weekend away at Melbourne and also managed to get sick, so I haven’t been in the right mind frame to write. But here’s a peak at what I got in my March Bellabox!

After ripping it open at the first opportunity, the theme this month reveals itself as “Delicious Beauty“.

March Bellabox: Delicious Beauty

March Bellabox: Delicious Beauty

Opening up to find the contents sitting inside, I was a little disappointed at the amount of products present.
I’ve had previous boxes that were filled with goodies, and even though this box had 5 items with an extra bonus item, it still looked a little bare.

Let’s start off and see what I received in this month’s subscription.

March Bellabox: Items

March Bellabox: Items

So okay. At first glace, seeing all that extra space being taken up by a low carb power bar, was a little disappointing.
Considering this was supposed to be the “bonus product” it didn’t seem that great to have it as the centre of attention.

But after reviewing all the products, I realised – “Hey… Maybe it’s not that bad after all!”.

Swisse Active Energy Bar

Swisse Active Energy Bar in Choc/Coconut

Swisse Active Energy Bar in Choc/Coconut

First things first. What is this energy bar?? Bit odd to have it in a Bellabox isn’t it?
Anyhow, it’s supposed to be low in carbs and high in protein. So when I’m thinking about hitting the gym, this will be a great snack to have before hand to keep me going!
Only problem: I better not munch on this before my next weigh in, because this chocolate bar might just make me break the scales…

Ocean Essence Coconut Body Milk

Ocean Essence Coconut Body Milk

Ocean Essence Coconut Body Milk

This was a little odd one. I haven’t heard of the brand before, nor did it look particularly interesting…
Can’t say much about this one besides that it’s currently sitting in my bathroom draw, in my large pile of samples that are less likely to ever see daylight.

I’m obviously not very impressed with the presentation of this product (even if it’s only supposed to be a sample), so I’ll let you know if I ever come around to using it.

Ocean Essence Pink Diamond Face Mask

Ocean Essence Pink Diamond Face Mask

Ocean Essence Pink Diamond Face Mask

Okay here’s another product that was put together with no thoughts to first impressions, causing me disappointment in this Bellabox.
My first thought when I saw this was “WHAT IS IT???”.

After reading through the included information card and hopping onto the Bellabox website, I came to the conclusion that it’s supposed to be Ocean Essence’s Pink Diamond Face Mask.

Well this is odd. It’s not pink. Nor does it remind me of diamonds.

To be honest though, I’m actually a little intrigued (unlike with the Ocean Essence Body Milk). I’ve been thinking of trying some face masks lately and this could just be my ticket into exploration.
I will be a little cautious to try this on my face though, considering the lack of appeal a blob of gooey purple gel provides.
But the “Pink Diamond” might just have me testing this product soon.

Glamourflage Lip Balm in Cherry

Glamourflage Lip Balm in Cherry

Glamourflage Lip Balm in Cherry

Why, hello! This is what I’m talking about!

This lip balm is supposed to be a cult favourite – and now I know why!
Not only did I instantly crack this balm open when I saw it, the scent from this product is amazing!
The cherry scent makes me want to eat my own lips whilst the balm provides a great layer of moisture.

I’m testing out this product a little more to see how well this balm works – whether or not it can cure my never-ending dry lips.
Will definitely keep you posted.

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black

And now the best for last. This product is definitely one that I’ll be looking forward to trying!

As you all know, I’m a Clinique fan. So having this appear in the box is a great big excitement for me!
I’ve heard a lot of good things about this mascara, so hopefully it’ll provide as good of results as everyone’s been talking about.

Overall, this box has been a bit of a disappointment.
The lack of products plus what seems like less quality of products was not too appealing. But the Glamourflage Lip Balm and Clinique High Impact Mascaras saved the day.

I also hopped onto the Bellabox website to see what other products they gave our during March and found a better array of items than the ones I received.
I may have just gotten the dud box.

I will update you guys when I really get to try some of these, and again – apologies for the delay in this post!

For now though…



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