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August 2013 Favourites!

29 Aug

With another month gone by, here’s another post about my August Favourites! (And not so favourites…)

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Starting with the positive


Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose

So bare with me whilst I describe a perfume for the very first time.

This scent is sweet, bordering on sticky (like honey) with fruity notes under all that sugar.
Something comparable to a chocolate strawberry that lifts you up into the clouds with Katy Perry…!

I personally love sweet and floral scents, so of course I fell in love with this perfume.
Also, Emma Watson endorses this product – she was the face of the campaign, sot that’s an extra 10xmillion points added to the tally.

This might be a little strong for anyone that prefers a light perfume throughout the day. But it’s definitely perfume for a night out with your man (or man to be).
I myself wear this on a daily basis though. I just can’t get enough of it!

Beauty Blender

So before we get into the “screaming-fan-girl” mode, I just want to point out that this is definitely expensive for what it is.
Er… $30+ for a couple of foundation sponges is ridiculous. Even if they’re amazing.

Now. On to the mini-review.

*cue screaming fan girl*

This is the BOMB-DIGIDY. Fo’ sho this is expensive, but it definitely lives up to the hype of flawless coverage.
It’s easy to use and easy to clean (just introduce some water and soup, then rub); and blends foundation like a charm.

A couple of things to note though:

  • It does thin out the foundation. So when a normal thicker foundation gives you medium to full coverage with another foundation applicator, the beauty blender will only apply it on as medium coverage.
    Of course though, you could opt-in to adding on a second layer. But then that’s time consuming and annoying.
    Which leads me on to my next point.
  • It takes AT LEAST 1.5 times longer to apply foundation, than any other applicator. Any that I’ve tried anyway.
    It’s extremely tedious to continuously bounce the sponge against the surface of your face. And by the time you get through the whole face, that’s just forever.

Besides that though, I’m TOTALLY LOVING THIS.

Revlon PhotoReady Bronzer: Bronzed and Chic

I’m pretty sure this has been on a past favourites list before, but I’m loving it especially this month.
Reason being, I’m using a foundation that’s lighter than the rest of my body, so I need to match it up to the rest of my skin tone.
Not sure why it’s so light though, considering we’re in winter here…

This bronzer isn’t very pigmented, so that’s actually great for anyone wanting to opt-in for more of a natural wash of colour.
There are also 4 different shades of the bronzer – a quad of a bronzer if you will.

A lighter orange undertone in the top left, a lighter bronze with dark pink undertones in the top right.
The bottom 2 are darker versions of the top, with the lightest to darkest arranged in a clock-wise direction.

With this, it suits any needs of bronzing; whether you need a lighter or darker colour.

Australis Make Up Finishing Spritz

This is definitely another repeat favourite. I hope you’re not getting bored?
But seriously, this is good stuff!

This finishing spritz helps keep foundation on for longer and reduces the amount of slipping and sliding – all my oily skin sisters know what I’m talking about!

But this month, I’ve been trying to use up all my little foundation samples, and some have been sitting in my drawers for awhile, so they’ve started to dry up.
To battle the dry consistency, I just spritz a little bit of this after I apply the base and concealer to increase moisture, and then again after my setting powder to set the final look!

Alright, I’m done ranting. Moving on… sorry.

Revlon Lip Butter in Plum

So we all know how amazing these lip butters can be. Affordable, moisturising and comes in a ridiculous amount of colours that are sheer enough for a “light day look” but pigmented though to make a difference.

What I’m really loving this month is specifically the “Plum” shade.
it’s a pretty dark mauve – more purple than pink when you look at it from the bullet or swatch it on your hand.
When it’s applied to the lips though, the pink of my lips bring back the mauve and presents a beautiful magenta shade that is great for my skin tone.

So for relatively pale ladies out there with yellow undertones, take this baby out for a test drive. I’m sure you’ll love it!

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Wash

OH GOD. Thank you. No. THE BODY SHOP. Thank YOU.
This body wash smells ridiculously amazing!

If you’ve come across The Body Shop products before, you’ll know what I mean.
This body wash has the most delicious, sweet smell of strawberries that makes you want to sing whilst in the shower!
The lather that builds up from this body wash is simply heavenly. And a little goes a long way.

It’s so good, you’ll never want it to end.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

I’m sure you’ve all been hearing the hype about this product. If you haven’t, you’re either not on the right social networking groups, or you live under a rock.

This has been raved about ridiculously and is appearing on every girl’s wish list.
In the recent 40% off skincare sale at Priceline, my local store was left with barren and beaten shelves where once this product stood…

There was no way I could’ve gotten my hands on one of these, if I wanted to avoid a pack of raging hyenas that once were friendly women.
But I found a sample in my draw from a Bellabox a couple of months ago. And the angels sang…

Okay, I guess it wasn’t that dramatic. But I do not kid you, after using this product twice, the blackheads on my face has visibly reduced.

I haven’t been able to try it for longer since I only have a small smple of this goodness.
But I’m pretty sure that when I get around to having a full-size version, I’m going to start looking like Miranda Kerr!

Just sayin’.

Orofluido Beauty Elixir

Here’s my last favourite of the month, the Orofluido Beauty Elixir hair oil!

I’ve never tried hair oils prior to this, assuming that it’ll be a disaster for my already oily hair.
After a lot of great reviews on hair oils though, I decided to give this a try. And lo’ and behold, it is amazing!

After using this product, my hair feels extremely soft and silky, and doesn’t have an oily residue (not even on my hands)!
I’ve also noticed that it helps with my dry scalp and keeps my hair feeling cleaner and fresher for longer.

Also, another plus is a little goes a long way. A small amount drizzled onto the tip of my finger can blend and hydrate my shoulder length hair.

Ladies, hair oil is definitely worth looking into.
Take the plunge!


Maybelline Baby Lips

So… I might lose some viewers. And you might be scrolling down to type up some hate mail in the comments section below.
But I really am not enjoying my Maybelline Baby Lips this month.

This has been the one and only Baby Lips I’ve tried – the Anti-Oxidant Berry. So that might be a contributing factor.
Maybe it’s a dud.
But excuses aside, this lip balm just isn’t doing it for me!

When applied, the formula is so greasy that I look like I have an oil-slick on my lips.
Though there’s really no colour, the amount of product that transfers to my lips in one swipe is impossible. Making the concentrated product look white, and hence making me look dead.

Granted there’s a nice berry smell to the balm, but that doesn’t justify the ghostly slick that also comes with it. And on top of everything, I haven’t found it to be very moisturising at all; defeating the purpose of a balm.

If I needed to describe the texture, I would say it’s TOO buttery.
if that’s possible.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I’ve used up a couple of these, and I still don’t think it’s done much for my hair.

Not only does it give me a white cast that can’t be brushed or blended in, it doesn’t really keep my hair fresh throughout the whole of the second day, post-wash.

I love the scents of the products. Definitely a plus. Oh that and the affordable price.
But then it doesn’t really work for me, so technically it’s not that affordable if you think about it…

There’s better dry shampoos out there.

Garnier Heat Styling Spray

Effectiveness-wise, I’m sure this product works.

I didn’t feel my hair get any drier and more brittle when I used this before heat styling, so I guess it’s done its job at protecting my hair.
But the nozzle of the bottle is horrible!

There’s only one spray setting, which is a strong linear spray rather than a mist. Which means that the product is concentrated on certain areas of your hair and you’ll need to go through the trouble of massaging it into the rest of your hair to disperse the product.

Plus, as mentioned, I didn’t notice a difference in the state of my hair. So even if it’s working, it’s just maintaining rather than improving my hair condition.
And I’m sure there are other products out there that do both.

Clinique Lash Power Mascara

We all know how much I love Clinique, so it really pains me when something I try from the brand is bad.
Well my heart is aching because this is one of those cases.

This mascara lengthens – but not very much.
This mascara volumizes – but not that intensely.
And it also clumps – which is not cool.

Overall, if you take away the clumping, it’s an alright mascara after a couple of coats.
It extends my lashes a little and makes them bold, so my eyes are framed and more striking.
The problem though is the clumping.

It’s ridiculous, the amount of care and caution I use to apply this mascara to reduce clumping.
It’s a pain in the butt.
It also takes a light year to try and separate the damage with a fresh spoolie. Which only reduces the clumping a little might I add.

If all these precautions and steps aren’t taken, I’m left with about 5 lashes per eye.
With these steps, I end up with about 8.

So that’s it for my August Favourites guys!
Thanks for sticking around and let me know whether you want me to do any in-depth reviews on the above products or anything else!



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Priceline HAUL! (40% Off Cosmetics)

26 May

Hi again guys!

So recently Priceline did a 40% off all cosmetics sale, causing me to plunge myself into the closest store and buy everything that was sitting on the shelves!
Okay that’s a little exaggerated. But I did end up getting quite a few items – most of which were things that I was previously eye-ing, waiting for the purrrr-fect opportunity to jump on to.

On top of that, I purchased over a certain amount of money, making my transaction eligible for a complimentary tote filled with $220 worth of goodies!
Hence why you’ll find a whole lot of products down below.

First off we have the products that I purchased with my own hard earned cash $$.

Australis Make Up Finishing Spritz

Australis Make Up Finishing Spritz

Australis Make Up Finishing Spritz

This was a surprise for me when I spotted it in the Australis shelves. I’ve been hearing so much about the Urban Decay De-Slick Spray and how it’s helped keep make up on those that have really oily skin.
I’ve been wanting to try it, but it hasn’t been a priority and breaking the bank for a finishing spritz doesn’t really ring the emergency bell.

So when I saw this sitting on the shelves I was instantly intrigued!

I can’t wait to try it – it’s supposed to set make up for all day wear so it’ll be perfect for lengthier days that don’t allow much time for touch ups and big occasions like weddings etc.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

I really needed a new nail top coat since I’m running out of my existing one. But I had to find something that was quick drying (considering my impatience once the job is done).

Sally Hansen is a company dedicated to nail polish. They produce a small range of other beauty products, but their polishes are priority.
So hopefully the quality of this Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat is great and really does set any nail colour in 30 seconds!

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Smooth & Strong Base Coat

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Smooth & Strong Base Coat

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Smooth & Strong Base Coat

Again because I am running out of a base coat, I wanted to try something new and reliable that’ll keep my nails protected whilst testing other not-so-reliable nail polish brands.
With Sally Hansen being a dedicated polish company, I knew that picking a base coat of their range will be a good choice!

This particular one is supposed to fill any ridges and imperfections on the nail surface to create a smoother base before colour application.
AND it’s supposed to be keeping the nails strong whilst you torture it with lack of sunlight and artificial substances in polish form…

Therefore I just had to get it… šŸ™‚

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in 675 Mermaid’s Tale & L’Oreal Color Riche in 305 Dating Coral

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in 675 Mermaid's Tale & L'Oreal Color Riche in 305 Dating Coral

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in 675 Mermaid’s Tale & L’Oreal Color Riche in 305 Dating Coral

So I’m evidently in a nail polish phase right now – I picked up this really cute Sally Hansen glitter polish that’s a essentially a sheer royal blue with green and blue glitter particles.
The L’Oreal polish is also a sheer coral colour that’s really bright and fun.

A couple things to note: I’ve tried out these two polishes already and the brush for the Sally Hansen polish is amazing! It’s a flat brush with very controlled bristles so I perfectly coats the area which you want to cover (and not get everywhere). The L’Oreal brush on the other hand is less notable with a traditional round brush that makes it a little difficult to paint perfectly within the lines.
This L’Oreal brush in particular is not as good as other round brushes I’ve tried – the bristles flare out a lot more than others and the level of control you can have is relatively low. You’ll need to get that cue tip ready to clean up the mess you’ve left behind with this polish.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl in Nude

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl in Nude

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl in Nude

I don’t quite remember who suggested this – I follow too many beauty guru’s on YouTube. But I’m pretty sure this has become a cult product!

I’ve been suffering with a harsh white eyeliner for way too long. When trying to open up the eyes to make them look wider and more prominent (especially against dark eye make up), it’s great to place a light coloured liner in the waterline.
In the “old days” white liner would’ve sufficed. But heading to a new age of fresh beauty tips and tricks, it’s realised that white liner now creates a distinct harsh effect that makes on-lookers double take to see why your eye make up looks a little odd.

Nude liner though works a treat as it also opens up the eyes and creates contrast against dark eye make up, but is obviously less detectable as it’s… nude.

I’ve tested out this Rimmel Waterproof Kohl, just to see what the hype was all about.
It glides on well, applies like a charm and stays put in that moist eye area to continuously create magic!

Definite thumbs up for me. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.

L’Oreal Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner in Black

L'Oreal Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner in Black

L’Oreal Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner in Black

I’m running out of a black eye liner so I thought I’d pick up something different that I haven’t tried yet.

The telescopic range has been raved about a lot lately – especially the mascara. It’s supposed to be great for lengthening but not suitable if you want volumised lashes.
Either way though, having not tried anything from the range before, I thought I might just give the liquid eyeliner a chance.

It’s usually pretty expensive, but with the 40% discount there was no chance for a second thought before I grabbed it off the shelf and tossed it in amongst the mountain of products already sitting in my carry basket.

Natio Brow Kit

Natio Brow Kit

Natio Brow Kit

Okay this definitely looks like a winner.
I have pretty thick eyebrows that don’t need much help getting by, so I’ve just been putting up with a brown eyeliner pencil with the help of a spare spoolie.

When I noticed this all-in-one kit though, I got so excited a glow startedĀ emanatingĀ from the product.

Not only does it come with two shades of brown eyebrow powder and a setting eyebrow gel, it’s accompanied by 3 travel size tools as well!
The powders for a first is not only great shades for my dark brown/black hair, the powder itself is a much better alternative to my harsh eyeliner pencil.

The clear eyebrow gel setter is also perfect for those special occasions were complete grooming is necessary.

And last but not excitingly least, the 3 travel sized tools: a spoolie, a dual ended small angle brush for both colours and a tiny set of tweezers. It just made my day.

This is a perfect little kit for those who are starting out and don’t have much to work with – and all within an afforable price range too!

The only thing I will note is the lack of colour range.
From what I could see, this was the only colour palette that was available, so it’ll definitely not be suitable for those who have fair blonde hair or red heads.
Other than that though… GO NATIO!

Australis 4-in-1 Conceal Corrector

Australis 4-in-1 Conceal Corrector

Australis 4-in-1 Conceal Corrector

Another great product from Australis!

This is a 4-in-1 conceal corrector palette that contains shades of green (forĀ redness), purple (for dark circles and pigmentation) and two skin-tone colours (for general concealing).

I have only seen such palettes at Napoleon Perdis and Make Up Forever, but nothing amongst drugstore brands like Australis!
This is a second impressive product!

Maybelline Color Sensation in 515 Coral Crush

Maybelline Color Sensation in 515 Coral Crush

Maybelline Color Sensation in 515 Coral Crush

And last but not least, I purchased a new lipstick!

These Maybelline Color Sensation lip sticks aren’t particularly long lasting, but it’s moisturising and a little more sheer than other lip sticks making it more balm-like than other lipsticks.

This particular colour has been calling out to me since I tried out the range months ago! This beautiful coral red is perfect for any warmer toned make up look and outfits and it’ll perfectly fit amongst the red, orange or pink colour palettes! Definitely a great all-rounder lip colour.


Now on to the freebies that I received.
Because I spent $60 amongst various brands (including Rimmel and Sally Hansen), I was not only eligible for the 40% cosmetics discount, I also received a complimentary tote bag filled with goodies!

It was all packed into the leopard print bag below that is not only a great size, but has no branding located on the outside of the bag – which means it won’t look like a freebie! PERFECT!

Complimentary Tote

Complimentary Tote

Ecotools Loufa

Ecotools Loufa

Ecotools Loufa

The first thing out of the bag was this great big EcoTools Loufa.
It’s quite dense and soft in comparison to other loufas I’ve had in the past, so this is definitely a nice little addition to the collection.

EcoTools also holds a place in my heart – I’ve previously blogged about loving their blush brush. It’s environmentally friendly and soft and great to use.

Savvy Make Up Remover Wipes

Savvy Make Up Remover Wipes

Savvy Make Up Remover Wipes

Having cracked into this packet already… I can confirm that these aren’t the best remover wipes on the market.

They get the job done – don’t get me wrong. But when trying to take all this make up off, it’s best if the wipe doesn’t expand and rip into smaller pieces…

Manicare Cuticle Therapy Nourishing Polish

Manicure Cuticle Therapy Polish

Manicure Cuticle Therapy Polish

This sounds like a good product.
Not only do I have a good impression of Manicure products (since it’s been on the Australian market for as long as I can remember), it’s always good to take care of your cuticles so you can achieve the best looking manicure possible.

I’ve suffered from horrible cuticles that don’t team well with what I call my “man-hands”.
Only recently though did I start using cuticle oil (also from Manicare but not this particular product), and it’s improved the skin GREATLY!

They used to peel and look completely horrible even with a fresh coat of polish. But now – even without pushing them back, they look perfectly fine hanging out with my latest nail colour.

Nude by Nature Undercover Airbrush Mineral Primer

Nude By Nature Undercover Airbrush Mineral Primer

Nude By Nature Undercover Airbrush Mineral Primer

UM… So I know Nude by Nature is the bomb here in Australia. And plenty of people have raved about it non-stop.
But… *confession* I have never used anything from the brand before…

Okay now now! Don’t start moving that mouse to the ‘x’ button on your browser!
There’s no need for negativity just because I am still comparable to a new born baby with Nude by Nature products.
I’ve just never had the urge to step towards that section of Priceline and pick something up!

With saying that, I’m quite excited to try out this primer because I have the most ridiculously oily skin available to (wo)man-kind, and a primer will help me keep my face on throughout the day.

Only problem. I did do a little swatch when I dug through these goodies and noticed some sparkle in the product.
So lets just hope that this product doesn’t make me shine like the sun (or Edward Cullen) whilst sporting a nice slick gleam of oil over my face.

That’s the last thing I need.

Press & Go and Kiss False Nails

Press & Go and Kiss False Nails

Press & Go and Kiss False Nails

Okay… I’m all about a nice manicure, but I’m definitely steering clear from these. I don’t even know where they areĀ any more!
They only lasted the time it took to take this photo before I tossed it into the back of one of my “never-go-there” drawers.

As I am completely professional though, I will tell you that there is adhesive included in these packs.

The Kiss Everlasting French has a small glue included in the packet whilst the Press & Go actually has a sticker surface on the underside of each acrylic nail, allowing you to simply “press & go”!

But enough said.

It’s still going to the dungeon and never seeing daylight again.

Australis Paparazzi Perfect Concealer

Australis Paparazzi Perfect Concealer

Australis Paparazzi Perfect Concealer

I hadn’t really heard much about the Australis Paparazzi range before getting all these products in this haul. So I’m not sure how I feel about having this.

But I guess, it’s something else to try. And if it turns out to be a good product than I would’ve found an affordable,Ā drug storeĀ option! So… yes. Can’t wait to try it!

ModelsPrefer Brow Highlighter

Models Prefer Brow Highlighter

Models Prefer Brow Highlighter

This looks pretty nice. I currently only have eye shadows that I use as brow highlighters, so it’ll be good to see whether this pencil version compares against to what I have.

I must say though, this product comes up as a pearlescent glow – which is something I don’t normally like. And whilst swatching, it did drag a bit against my skin, so it’ll need some warming up before being applied to the delicate eye area.

But we’ll see how we go šŸ™‚

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Mascara in 51 Noir Black

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max in 51 Noir Black

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max in 51 Noir Black

OKAY. On to the exciting stuff! I cannot wait to try this!

I love Bourjois mascaras. They are SOOOOOO volumising, it’s CRAZY.
I have no idea why YouTube hasn’t hyped over these mascaras even more because it’s seriously waterproof, va-va-voom lash creators!

Just check that brush – it’s huge and full. I already know I’m going to flutter my lashes a little bit extra when I have this mascara on.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polish in 670 Midnight in NY

Sally Hansen in 670 Midnight in NY

Sally Hansen in 670 Midnight in NY

YAY! Another Sally Hansen polish! These are amazing!

The brushes are flat and so smooth during application. The quality of the polish itself is great.

I love the sparkles in this sheer black polish – it just glams up the usual plain black polish.

What more can I say? These are definitely great quality polishes with drug store prices.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch Illuminator in 001 Flush Of Pearl

Rimmel Wake Me Up Illuminator in 001 Flush of Pearl

Rimmel Wake Me Up Illuminator in 001 Flush of Pearl

Hmmmm….! I’m actually looking forward to trying this out!

This illuminator is from the Wake Me Up range, which holds a foundation that is now officially a cult product.

On the other hand though, this illuminator has glitter pigments in it – I’m not sure whether you can see it in my swatch, but it does give a sparkly glow.
And as someone who’s unfortunately sporting an oily skin type, sparkles is not always my first choice.

It will make my complexion more dewy and can therefore translate to super-mega-oily…

But you never know. That’s the rule of thumb, but it doesn’t apply to everything. There’s always exceptions.

Revlon Lip Butter in 085 Sugar Plum

Revlon Lip Butter in 085 Sugar Plum

Revlon Lip Butter in 085 Sugar Plum

Another lip butter! I already have a couple of colours from the range, and I’m loving the sheer wash of colours that this lip product gives.

With my super dry lips though, it does dry a bit against my lips and isn’t the best product when it comes to moisturising. But it’s definitely a great “lip tint” drug store option!

Natio Lip Colour in Flutter

Natio Lip Color in Flutter

Natio Lip Colour in Flutter

I LOVE lip products. I think I get most excited when shopping for these.

This colour looks like a nice deep red on the bullet, but after swatching, it’s more of a rusty red that might not suit everyone…

I might be reaching for it less, considering the brown undertones, but it’ll be great to add to the collection – I don’t normally buy lip products in this colour range!

Well that’s it guys!

Finally we have reached the end of the haul.

My GOSH that took awhile.

And I KNOW it’s been ages since I’ve blogged – I always have things that stop me when I’m on a roll!
But NO. That is no excuse. I willĀ persevereĀ and deliver consistently! … I hope.

For now though,



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February 2013 HITS AND MISSES!

14 Mar

Hi guys!

It’s a little late in the month of March to finally be putting this up online, but I wanted to share my 2 cents on my favourite and not so favourite products of February!
You might notice that this month I’ve titled my post “hits and misses” rather than “favourites”. Well… this is because a couple of make up items disappointed me THAT much that I needed to talk about them…

So keep on scrolling to see what they are!


EmerginC Earth Hydrating Phytelene Cream

EmerginC Earth Hydrating Phytelene Cream

EmerginC Earth Hydrating Phytelene Cream

I am LOVING this moisturiser! I have always stayed away from most hydrating moisturisers because I had the impression that they would make my oily skin break out. BUT. I have recently noticed that my skin was looking very tired. So after finding this in one of my Bellaboxes (November I think…), I decided to give it a go and WOW, the results were amazing!

My skin was looking much more plump and hydrated the next day. It gave me the boost I really needed and brightened my overall complexion, making me seem wide awake – even if I was asleep on my feet!

This is a miracle product people. *ahem* let me announce my FIRST HOLY GRAIL! So amazing that it’s hit the top of my charts and is being framed in 16K gold as we speak.

Clinique Even Skin Tone Moisturiser

Clinique Even Skin Tone Moisturizer SPF 20

Clinique Even Skin Tone Moisturizer SPF 20

Evidently I was experimenting with skin care during the month of February, and that didn’t bring the best of looks when break outs occurred. But my oh my I found another amazing moisturiser.

Whilst the EmerginC moisturiser was great for the occasional hydrating boosts, I didn’t want to have that as a daily treatment as at the end of the day it was for “dry” skin types. Excessive use could’ve created a great big mess with my oily skin (plus it’s super expensive – something like $109 for 50ml! So spacing out the use would be smart).

I found this tucked away in a Clinique gift pack I purchased online during Christmas and pulled it out to see what it could do for my skin. I suffer hyper pigmentation due to acne scarring, so the thought an “even skin tone” treatment was tempting. I had previously tried the Clinique Dark Spot Treatment Serum though and that didn’t do anything for my skin. So I was a little skeptical of this product.

But this moisturiser really does do the job! After all the break outs I’ve been experiencing last month, I was left with plenty of dark acne spots to experiment on. But after daily application of this moisturiser, my skin tone really has evened out and where there was redder patches of skin has now completely faded! I’m halfway through the jar so hopefully the results will continue by the end of it. But so far I am loving it!

I’ve also noticed that after using this moisturiser, my face hasn’t been as oily throughout the day. After about 5 hours with foundation, my face would become a slick of oil – enough for any make up to slide off. This moisturiser though must have restored the levels of hydration in my skin, making it produce less oils to compensate for my constant “oil-free” products. Amazing!

I love Clinique šŸ™‚

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

Now onto some eye products. We already all know who, what and how amazing Urban Decay Primer Potions are. If you don’t… then get yourself out from underneath that rock. Because this eye primer is amazing! It works especially well on oily lids (i.e. me), and even though it is high end and much more pricey than anything you might find in a Priceline/drug store, it is worth it.

With barely any product squeezed onto the smallest surface of your finger, you can effectively prime the whole of your lid and also your bottom lash line. But that’s not all! With the Primer Potion in Eden, the nude colour conceals any redness of the lid that isn’t covered when applying foundation. This gives the lid a really nice neutral base before shadow application, or even just evening out the skin tone under simple liner and mascara!

Random note: this is not a sponsored blog post. I’m just freaking out because all these products have made my wildest dreams come true…

Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow & Liner in Sweet Innocence

Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow & Liner in Sweet Innocence

Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow & Liner in Sweet Innocence

Okay I’m not crazy about this whole palette, but the 2nd shade from the left is perfect! Not sure what the name of this is – or whether you can get it individually…
I tried to find it at my local Priceline but it seems like it only comes in the palette.

This is the perfect peach/pink shade for blending. When you’re trying for a less dramatic look and want to simply blend out those first 2 colours without adding in anything too intense, this is the perfect shade.

Simply the best shadow to soften the edges – what more can I say??

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm in Chunky Cherry

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizer Lip Colour Balm in Chunky Cherry

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizer Lip Colour Balm in Chunky Cherry

Now for the lips. It’s not only Chunky Cherry that I love; this whole Chubby Stick range is amazing!

I’ve always had this unavoidable dry lip that nothing seemed to work on! It’s not excessively dry but I’d always been able to spot some peeling and cracked lips here and there – and when you’re trying to put on lip colour, it’s always a chore to make it look presentable!

Lip balm: check. Lip moisturisers: check. Exfoliators: check. Even Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment???: CHECK.

Everything I have tried so far does nothing. But these Chubby Sticks on the other hand have been god sent…
After one day of application, not only does it leave you with moisturised plump lips, you also have a really nice splash of sheer colour that show off your new lips.

Only problem is, it’s quite pricey…

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Fruitti

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Fruitti

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Fruitti

Though this lip butter is a cult favourite, I don’t find it as great with moisturisation as the Clinique Chubby Sticks.
It’s nice and all – great packaging, price and a great range of colours. But I still prefer those Chubbys.

I must say though, I’m really warming to the shade Tutti Fruiti from this range. I find myself reaching for this shade every time I’m sporting a colour appropriate outfit.
And I really do love the packaging…


Now for the disappointments that have cause this series to go from “Favourites” to “Hits and Misses”…

*Queue: disapproving silence*

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

I had high hopes for this one. Clinique, my best friend in the world of beauty products had never let me down before.
Sure there were some moments when I though we had differences. Some products that didn’t work too well for my skin and complexion issues. But we were still the best of friends.

But oh how you have disappointed me so!

After ignoring a friend’s protests that this product did not work for her, I went ahead anyway and spent my life savings to get my hands on a bottle of these.
I hurriedly tore through my package when I saw it in the mail and my eyes lit up like stars in the night sky.

Halfway through the bottle I see no difference… Maybe it takes some time to kick in?

3/4 of the way through… still no difference. Maybe I have a dud bottle!

When I finished the whole bottle, my heart sank. Still no difference.

I have found the first major flaw from Clinique and am now recommending others to try anything else before this.
Try the L’Oreal Youth Code Luminosity Serum I reviewed on. Try the Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Moisturiser I wrote about earlier. Both worked amazing for me and surely will help anyone else who has the same problem of hyper-pigmentation. But save your dimes and save your pride by turning away from this product.

We’re still friends Clinique, but from this moment they’ll be a constant shadow of doubt that I won’t be able to shake off.

Clinique Aromatics Elixir

Clinique Aromatics Elixir

Clinique Aromatics Elixir

Okay so maybe I was being a little dramatic just then. And maybe Clinique disappointed me more than once. But this might not be a disappointment for everyone – I’m just not someone who likes to smell like musk. Or a toilet.

I received a sample of this elixir along with all the other items I bought from Clinique over the holiday season, and was excited to try it on. But WOW, the moment I pumped a couple of sprays of this perfume, I felt like I was transported to the closest public restroom.

Nothing more to be said. It’s just sitting on my bathroom bench now, waiting to be picked up and tossed into the bin.

Another disappointment Clinique. But you never know, someone out there might be really into the wafts of fragrant public restrooms…

That’s all for my February favourites!
Hope you found a couple of things here interesting, and hopefully I motivated or deterred any choices that could’ve gone horribly wrong!

I was planning on putting together an empties post, but considering I only finished a couple of products, that would’ve made for boring news.

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