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HAUL: Sasa + Priceline Goodies!

28 Oct
Hi guys!

I’ve recently run out of my Clinique Anti-Blemish face wash (yes I have an acne problem!), so when placing an order for a little more stock on this amazing product, I “conveniently” added a couple of extras.

Sasa + Priceline Haul

First off, lets start with Sasa. If you haven’t heard of Sasa before, it’s an online cosmetics and skincare store that stocks a whole range of brands from well known high end lines like Clinique and Mac, to Asian brands that are less known (in some countries). They ship internationally and do free shipping after a certain threshold! So check that out if you’re keen.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam

First off I purchased two of these Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foams. Can I just say that ever since I’ve been struggling with acne from around the age of 15 (I’m currently 22), I have never found a skin care system that could help me solve all my problems other than this Clinique Anti-Blemish range.

HG. That’s what it is. This range is my HG and for anyone out there that has severe acne, I suggest you try this. I did not have much hope prior to finding Clinique. I had come to the conclusion that my skin was most likely going to have to break out every week or so and I’d have to live with it. Never did I know that I could end up with blemish free skin until I found you, Clinique. Hence I’m a major fan of the brand.

I’ve recently started trying the Liquid Facial Soap in 3 (oily) as I have a sample from a previous purchase and I was waiting for my Sasa package. I’m still within the testing phase so I’m unsure of how well it is performing in comparison, but so far it’s been alright. I’ve noticed that it’s brought forth a lot of smaller blemishes – like white heads all over my face. But hopefully this is only occurring to “cleanse” the skin of all these little fatty deposits before evolving to become baby smooth.

Lancome Genifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Concentrate

Lancome Genifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Concentrate

Within the past month, I’ve been more aware of the aging process (I know you might that ” But you’re only 22!”. Well it’s never too early I say.), so as a result I also picked up this Lancome Genifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Concentrate to tackle prevention of wrinkles!

I’m not too sure why I chose this particular eye cream. Maybe because I haven’t had much past experience with Lancome and it seems to be Michelle Phan’s brand of choice (or potentially they’re the ones signing her, so she can’t NOT advertise it…). But hopefully when I start using it, I’ll find that it’s hydrating and works on dark circles – because that’s what I’m after at the moment.

That being the end of notable products from Sasa, lets start with Priceline!

I visited Priceline just a couple of days ago and saw a 20% off sale on all skincare and cosmetics! I’m not sure how long this sale is going for – apologies if it’s already over.

When I was there, I really wanted to find a loose mineral foundation powder to set my daily foundation and help tackle the midday oil sheen.

Physician’s Formula Talc-Free Mineral Wear Loose Powder

I’ve previously noticed the Physician’s Formula brand but never had much of an opportunity to try any of their products. After hearing good recommendations from other online gurus like Jen from frmheadtotoe though, I thought I’d try it out to see whether it would suit my skin.

I purchased this in Creamy Natural after testing the colour to my skin. The great thing about this product is that it comes with a small clip in powder brush. This is great for travel as you don’t need to bring full size brushes for application. But I’m currently in the middle of waiting on a set of Sigma brushes – I’ve heard of great things! So as that’s still sitting on the loading page, I can use this handy little addition in the meantime.

One thing I’m worried about with using loose foundation though is the potential for product to sit amongst the fine lines and pores on your face. I’ve had this happen before and rather than concealing anything, it enhanced those aspects.

It might require a combination of skin care and a good base before applying this loose powder, but I will definitely experiment and update you on my progress.

L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Anti-Shine Mattifying Primer

And last but not least, the product that I’m most excited about trying is this L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Anti-Shine Mattifying Primer (wow that was a mouth full). I have heard SO MUCH about this – the help it provides with oily skin and how it works as an amazing primer.

I noticed it looks different to those mentions on YouTube though. In these videos the primer seems to come in a sort of pot rather than a pump as you can see above. But this could potentially be a packaging difference due to region.

I think the pump would work a lot better. I would have a more consistent amount of product every time I use it, and it’s a lot more hygienic than the “finger-in-pot” situation some gurus have. Hopefully I’ve purchased the right one though – I did match the names up to the mentions!

So that’s all the notables from my recent Sasa and Priceline haul. I did get a few more products but those were really to fill the basket a little at Sasa, so I could take advantage of the free delivery.

Obviously I suffer from a not-so-welcome shine, so if you have any suggestions to other products whether it be a foundation or primer that you’ve tried and have succeeded with, comment below and I’ll give it a go!

But for now, lovelove. Rean.


TAG: Get Your Freak On!.. No seriously.

16 Oct

Okay so I know this is a little early in my blogging career to start speaking about my odd traits. But I stumbled across this year-old video by Jen from FrmHeadToToe, and found it to be super interesting! I can’t help but to answer these questions myself.

Okay to here are the questions:

#1. What’s a nickname only your family calls you?
This may not be an obvious one because my real name isn’t actually Rean. It’s Catherina.
In saying that, variations of “Cat” has come about. But one of the most common ones that only my family call be by is “Meow”. i.e. the sound that a cat makes. But there’s usually a Chinese slant to the pronunciation.

#2. What’s a weird habit of yours?
Weird habits, let’s see. This might not be that weird, but I tend to scrunch up my nose on a regular basis. Rabbit like.
I have no idea why I do it. It’s not that my face is a little itchy or I’m feeling uncomfortable. People have just picked up that motion at random times of the day, whilst I’m not even aware I’m doing it!
I guess that’s pretty weird.

#3. Do you have any weird phobias?
Oh yeah I definitely do. I think it’s called “Trypaphobia”.
You might find it a little odd that I can’t even be sure of the spelling, but it’s because I don’t want to Google it!
Basically it’s the fear of things like bee hives and honeycomb, or anything with an odd punctured look to it. I’ve heard that some people are even afraid of the way crumpets look, but I don’t think the phobia to that degree.

I have only ever tried to Google it once – when I realised that something must be a little odd about how I shudder when I see things of the like. And that has deterred me from ever searching it up again! Damn Google and their efficiency. There are always sample images of your search topic, right at the top of the page!
Don’t exactly want a reaction just from searching on Google…

#4. What’s a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you’re alone?
Uh… I don’t have a favourite really. But anything with love beautiful notes that can test out my vocals, e.g. Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder. 😉

#5. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?
I am one super organised individual. EVERYTHING has to be placed and used in chronological order. Everything has to be formatted correctly. And everything need to have proper grammar! I CANNOT stand it when my documents aren’t properly filed by the relevant naming convention, or a new tub of butter is opened before the old is finished!

#6. What’s one of your nervous habits?
I have recently started noticing that I bite my lip when nervous. Especially when driving…

#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
If the bed is against the wall, I refuse to sleep along the inside. I must have the opportunity to hang my limbs over the edge of the bed. Obviously I’m a super woman and am not afraid of the Boogie Monster.
It’s the open space that lures me.

#8. What was your first stuffed animal & it’s name?
Not so much animal, my first stuffed toy was a dolly. Her name was Dolly.
I must say judging from other bloggers’ TAG videos, children aren’t very original are they?

#9. What’s the drink you ALWAYS order at starbucks?
Did someone say GREEN TEA FRAPPUCCINO?! Why would you get anything else?

#10. What’s the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?
“You should always brush your hair frequently.” I mean I do, but not daily… I tend to brush my hair only after I give it a wash. Is that bad?!

#11. Which way do you face in the shower?
Face forward. I love the feeling of the shower head beating water down your face.

#12. Do you have any ‘weird’ body ‘skills’?
Unfortunately I lack in this department. The only thing that is marginally interesting would being able to fold my tongue… But half the world can do that.

#13. What’s your favorite ‘comfort food’/food thats ‘bad’ but you love to eat it anyways?
Who could deny some good old hot chips with a dollop of tomato sauce on the side? – for those in the US, let’s call it ketchup.

#14. What’s a phrase or exclamation you always say?
I do tend to say ‘perfect’ even if I don’t find the situation perfect… it’s a little misleading isn’t it?
Or something else I tend to do is repeat myself. “Lovelove” “Questionquestion”. The list goes on.

#15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing?
Those t-shirts and leggings you really love but are a little too old to wear out into public anymore? Well that’s my sleepwear right there.

Well I hope that gives a little bit more insight to who I am! I know this is about a year late and granted this TAG would’ve fizzled out by the time someone comes around to read this post. But it was definitely fun writing it!

Now go search up Trypaphobia and tell me whether I’ve spelt it right.

Lovelove. Rean.

Chat Chat Chatter..

15 Oct

Hello there!

Now I wonder how you managed to stumble across this little site.

What is this all about you say? Well I thought I might just add to all the beauty blogs already within this stratosphere of online opinions and contribute my own little thoughts to products, pieces, places and people to watch out for!

Hopefully this will turn out to be a high traffic smashing blog filled with tips and thoughts on what’s patiently waiting on some store shelf, for you to pick up!
Inspiration: Michelle Phan, Frmheadtotoe, eleventhgorgeous. But hey. I think I’m getting ahead of myself here. I don’t even know what I’m doing let alone the direction and popularity this will travel with.

But all in all, hopefully this will be seen be SOMEBODY out there and I’m not simply speaking to myself…

So drop a line and comment back if you can spare a sec, and I’ll know my efforts aren’t futile.

Lovelove. Rean.

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