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TALK ABOUT: Australia’s Next Top Model S8E7 [RUNWAY WALK!]

21 Aug

And here we go again! Another episode of Australia’s Next Top Model!
I don’t think I have ever put up another post so close to my last – I hope this continues!

First off, we get introduced to the “lesson” of the week.

Lesson of the Week: Runway Walk!


This is the first time throughout the season, where we get to properly check out whether these girls are strutting like top models, or stumbling down like a mad bull.

Each of ’em ladies had to strut their stuff for one for the designers of Manning Cartel and Jen Hawks.
And whilst these lovely high-profilers judged them, little insignificant me did a little critiquing too.

– Abbie: Girl, stop swinging your hips. You’re exaggerating your walk too much.

– Duckie: Stop stomping! Anyone can hear you from a mile away!

– Dajana: I love you. You’ll never be at fault in my books.

– Ashley:… er…. are you trying to look a little stupid? Stop it with the hands. You’re getting a one way ticket to arm-cramps.

– Jade: I love you too, but you look like you’re sleep walking.

– Shanali: I’m really not a fan… you are just all-round boring.

– Shannon: You look great! Just might need a little brushing up.

– Melissa: Looking like a pony trotting down the runway…

Now just to add a little drama to the episode, Ashley the sook does it again.

Girl, you’re trouble. Stop whinging and wipe up those tears with a mop of maturity.
You make for great TV, but you’re not great for my hair – it’s falling out with frustration!

For a potential model to have a whinge about some critique is a little… silly.
Suck it up babe. If you want to keep travelling down that career path, you better start loving some negative comments.


Challenge: Who will be the F-A-C-E of Colgate Optic White?


WOWOWOWOW. Say what? The f-a-c-e of Colgate Optic White?
So early into the competition?

This is an epic prize. Even if whoever it is doesn’t become the winner of this season’s Australia’s Next Top Model, they still get this amazing addition to their portfolio!

Good luck girls!

Potentials with enough personality and charm to get the role?

– Dajana: she’s a natural actress. Plus she’s fun and bubbly. That’s all the boxes ticked.

– Jade: not sure about her smile. It kind of looks fake. But overall, her great personality and giant pearly whites should do it.

– Duckie: She’s just so cute! Not only does she have the best personality of all the girls, she’s ALWAYS smiling. No seriously, ALWAYS.

All the girls seemed to have done well, but oh what. Did someone say Ashley sooked again?
Well you heard right, because that’s exactly what she did.

Get out of that bad attitude and pull yourself together woman.
Otherwise, you’re never going to “be on top”.

Now for the big announcement: the new face of Colgate Optic White is… *drum roll*….!

… IS… (longest pause ever!!)



She had one of the best performances from the beginning, and was fun and relatable throughout the whole casting.
Plus she keeps getting good mentions from Alex Perry and the Brand Manager of Colgate.

Good on you Jade!

Now for the photo shoot. Wonder what the theme is this week.

Photoshoot – Sophisticated Smiles!

Lo and behold, it’s a smiley photoshoot!

The girls were all decked out in glamourous gowns and dreamy hair and make up, and were asked to smile brightly and naturally – like you were just trying to give a sophisticated laugh to what Leonard DiCaprio just joked about.

First off, I must say that I’m loving the drama, the dresses and the overall styling of the shoot!
Majority of the gowns were to die for, and the hair was just purely GOR-GEOUS.

Standouts of the crowd – for good or bad were:

– Melissa: She seems to be having some trouble… or is the intense background music just making me feel like that.
She’s having issues with smiling naturally and that’s definitely affecting her performance.
I hope you pull through Mel!

– Duckie Duckie Duckie: – Cutest girl ever! She’s the sweetest thing and the smiliest – this shoot was made for her.

– Abbie: Okay… again with the scrunched up nose – there’s most likely a giant imaginary garbage bag just under her nose.
Love the white dress though: long and sleeveless. Like a high – end sophisticated formal maxi of some sort.

– Jade: LOVE THE LOOK. The red dress, the lace, the long sleeves – it reminds me of Kristen Stewart’s wedding dress in the final film of the Twilight Saga.

Twilight - Bella's Wedding Dress

Twilight – Bella’s Wedding Dress

– Dajana: 





Glitter black lace – again another reminder of an elegant, but more mature version of Kristen’s dress.
Wait, before you comment – I don’t really like K Stew.
I’m just a fan of the Twilight saga.

Love how lace is making a giant come back, but the added long sleeves to a dress just ups the class and makes it so much more elegant. Check the below – aren’t they gorgeous??

Lace Dresses

Lace Dresses

And not that she’s a standout of the photo shoot, but my GOD Ashley.
Say what? Had another little cry? Of course, who would have guessed.

Overall I’m loving this week’s shoot and I just can’t help drooling over all those dresses that were featured!
If only I had a million odd dollars to spare…


Before we get to eliminations, can I just say I LOVE Dajana’s picture?
I got an involuntary shiver down my spine… GOD DAMN GURL. You got some talent.

Now away with the biased opinions, here were some of the notable photos:

– Abbie: Wait what? What happened to the scrunched up nose? That must’ve been a great editor with an epic hand at Photoshop, or a super duper awesome photographer…

– Melissa: Worst photo… Alex Perry put it the right way when he described it as something from the “House of Wax” and a “Stepford-Wife kind of surreal” photo.
She was down-right creeping in that picture. Totally turned me off that dress and hair, and obviously she isn’t supposed to do that.

– Duckie: WOW girl! I can’t even see anything but that smile of yours girl!
I must say it’s a bit over the top with the smile. I might not necessarily want to buy anything that she’s wearing, because it’s a little bit too over-enthusiastic for my taste. But it fits the brief, so well done!

Duckie - Episode 8

Duckie – Episode 8

– Jade: Great Colgate pic! She definitely has a great set of teeth which is great for Colgate. But I’m not too sure about the “I’m-looking-up-your-nose-angle”?
Lucky for Jade, she has a very narrow nose. Therefore there wasn’t too much opportunity to see whether everything was a-okay up there. But everything else hit the nail on the head.

Jade - Episode 8

Jade – Episode 8

– Dajana: As mentioned above, this picture make me shiver – it was that good!
I mean it could be my bias speaking, but really it was a naturally great smile picture and it really warms people from the inside. Not only that, she was rocking that dress and showing it off, making me want to buy it – and everything else she was wearing!

So Photo of the Week goes to…:


WOW. First photo of the week – CONGRATS!

Though I did like Dajana’s photo a whole lot more, this was still a great photo. And good on you Duckie for winning photo of the week for the first time. You really deserve it!

Now time for the actual elimination…

Madeline or Melissa?

Madeline: tall, beautiful, one-trick pony. Her specialty look: “deer in headlights”.

Melissa: short and has a giant forehead. God is just against her. But she takes stunning photos and just needs a little time to grow.

It’s pretty obvious who’s losing this one.

And of course, the girl eliminated is:



Madeline - Episode 8

Madeline – Episode 8

Poor girl tried. But she just didn’t cut it.

She was eventually going to get eliminated anyway. It was only a matter of when.

Favourite of the week:

Favourite of the week? She’s always been a favourite, but after her achievements tonight, she’s definitely risen with model-potential!


Hope you get a great boost from scoring that Colgate job!

Well that’s it from me this week guys.
That’s for Australia’s Next Top Model that is.

I’ll be popping up a Lust Have It August box review up very soon, so stay tuned for that!

If you want to find me elsewhere though, so get updates on my oh-so-interesting-life, follow me at any (or all) of the below social media platforms!



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13 Apr

Hi guys!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently.
I had a little weekend away at Melbourne and also managed to get sick, so I haven’t been in the right mind frame to write. But here’s a peak at what I got in my March Bellabox!

After ripping it open at the first opportunity, the theme this month reveals itself as “Delicious Beauty“.

March Bellabox: Delicious Beauty

March Bellabox: Delicious Beauty

Opening up to find the contents sitting inside, I was a little disappointed at the amount of products present.
I’ve had previous boxes that were filled with goodies, and even though this box had 5 items with an extra bonus item, it still looked a little bare.

Let’s start off and see what I received in this month’s subscription.

March Bellabox: Items

March Bellabox: Items

So okay. At first glace, seeing all that extra space being taken up by a low carb power bar, was a little disappointing.
Considering this was supposed to be the “bonus product” it didn’t seem that great to have it as the centre of attention.

But after reviewing all the products, I realised – “Hey… Maybe it’s not that bad after all!”.

Swisse Active Energy Bar

Swisse Active Energy Bar in Choc/Coconut

Swisse Active Energy Bar in Choc/Coconut

First things first. What is this energy bar?? Bit odd to have it in a Bellabox isn’t it?
Anyhow, it’s supposed to be low in carbs and high in protein. So when I’m thinking about hitting the gym, this will be a great snack to have before hand to keep me going!
Only problem: I better not munch on this before my next weigh in, because this chocolate bar might just make me break the scales…

Ocean Essence Coconut Body Milk

Ocean Essence Coconut Body Milk

Ocean Essence Coconut Body Milk

This was a little odd one. I haven’t heard of the brand before, nor did it look particularly interesting…
Can’t say much about this one besides that it’s currently sitting in my bathroom draw, in my large pile of samples that are less likely to ever see daylight.

I’m obviously not very impressed with the presentation of this product (even if it’s only supposed to be a sample), so I’ll let you know if I ever come around to using it.

Ocean Essence Pink Diamond Face Mask

Ocean Essence Pink Diamond Face Mask

Ocean Essence Pink Diamond Face Mask

Okay here’s another product that was put together with no thoughts to first impressions, causing me disappointment in this Bellabox.
My first thought when I saw this was “WHAT IS IT???”.

After reading through the included information card and hopping onto the Bellabox website, I came to the conclusion that it’s supposed to be Ocean Essence’s Pink Diamond Face Mask.

Well this is odd. It’s not pink. Nor does it remind me of diamonds.

To be honest though, I’m actually a little intrigued (unlike with the Ocean Essence Body Milk). I’ve been thinking of trying some face masks lately and this could just be my ticket into exploration.
I will be a little cautious to try this on my face though, considering the lack of appeal a blob of gooey purple gel provides.
But the “Pink Diamond” might just have me testing this product soon.

Glamourflage Lip Balm in Cherry

Glamourflage Lip Balm in Cherry

Glamourflage Lip Balm in Cherry

Why, hello! This is what I’m talking about!

This lip balm is supposed to be a cult favourite – and now I know why!
Not only did I instantly crack this balm open when I saw it, the scent from this product is amazing!
The cherry scent makes me want to eat my own lips whilst the balm provides a great layer of moisture.

I’m testing out this product a little more to see how well this balm works – whether or not it can cure my never-ending dry lips.
Will definitely keep you posted.

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black

And now the best for last. This product is definitely one that I’ll be looking forward to trying!

As you all know, I’m a Clinique fan. So having this appear in the box is a great big excitement for me!
I’ve heard a lot of good things about this mascara, so hopefully it’ll provide as good of results as everyone’s been talking about.

Overall, this box has been a bit of a disappointment.
The lack of products plus what seems like less quality of products was not too appealing. But the Glamourflage Lip Balm and Clinique High Impact Mascaras saved the day.

I also hopped onto the Bellabox website to see what other products they gave our during March and found a better array of items than the ones I received.
I may have just gotten the dud box.

I will update you guys when I really get to try some of these, and again – apologies for the delay in this post!

For now though…



HAUL: Warehouse Sale at Ozsale! + Westfield Visit!

17 Feb

Hi guys!

As promised, here’s a post on my latest clothing haul at an Ozsale warehouse sale!

For those of you who don’t know, Ozsale is an online shopping website that hosted limited time sales on all different brands from high end clothes to more affordable cosmetics.
They also feature things like baby clothes and accessories or manchester!

You will need to sign up for a free account, but after that there is no catch. You just shop away!

I think the American equivalent would be Hautelook. So if you’ve been on there, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Anywho, now for the fun part. See what I purchased at this sale!

SilverJean Grey Top

SilverJean Grey Top

This SilverJean top was really nice to just throw on over jeans when out for a coffee. With the winter months coming (yes I’m in the Southern Hemisphere!) this would be great just for a weekend catch up!

New Look Maroon Cardigan

New Look Maroon Cardigan

Again with the winter months in mind, this maroon cardigan will be able to keep the cold at bay whilst being completely stylish! Thrown over a short dress or jeans, this combo will be smashing!

Oversized Striped T-shirt

Oversized Striped T-shirt

Just another top for the weekend, this oversized tee would be great with leggings for a casual look. Maybe the above New Look Maroon cardi can spice up the outfit in the colour department! But it will be a great basic addition to my wardrobe.

Element Cropped Demin Jacket

Element Cropped Demin Jacket

Now to turn back the clock for an 80s cropped demin jacket.

I must say I was a little sceptical about this number at first. I’m not the world’s smallest girl, so anything ‘cropped’ brings fear to my eyes. But after a friend picked it up and insisted I try it, I have to admit I was looking quite good!

Let’s just hope she doesn’t read this, else her head will blow up to the size of the sun. But it will be of great use with Autumn (or Fall) around the corner.

New Look Brown Cardi

New Look Brown Cardi

And now for another cardi! You can’t go wrong with one in every colour.

This brown/caramel New Look cardi will be a great colour that’ll match everything. My closet leans heavily towards earthy tones of browns, reds and blacks. So this cardi will fit in so well, everyone will be family soon.

Oasics Lycra Tank Top

Oasics Lycra Tank Top

Another addition thanks to my keen-eyed friend. Never really worried about actually wearing sport specific clothing during exercise, my usual attire boils down to a t-shirt and shorts. Sometimes, the oldies come out of the closet so it’s a good thing I don’t know many people at my gym.

But this number will be a great addition when exercising in public so old awkward t-shirts don’t get too much exposure.

Thanks again friend!

Now for some pieces acquired after a quick stroll through my local Westfield.

Westfield is a chain of shopping centres around Australia. It’s pretty much the biggest chain in the country with plenty other competitors far being in the race.

Sportsgirl Metallic Mini

Sportsgirl Metallic Mini

This is a Sportsgirl skirt that I bought, hoping to spruce up my work wear. The sad black skirt has been worn beyond repair and should’ve retired months ago. But now with this gold metallic mini, I’ll be able to flounce around the office and blind my colleagues with it’s sparkle!

Sorry about the picture by the way. There was something weird happening with my camera and this was the best shot I could get. Not sure what happened…
You’ll be able to find a better picture when clicking on the image. It’ll redirect you to the website where professional shots detail the amazing bling this skirt holds.

Jeanswest Basic Tank

Jeanswest Basic Tank

And now for the another 2 striped basics.

This tank and the below tee was from Jeanswest – an old favourite of mine.
They tend to have a constant rack of basic tops that sell 2 for $35 or 3 for $50. Which works out pretty well if you calculate it down to singular price.

Both tops have nice detail out the back and would be great with a pair of leggings for a casual day out with the girls.

Again, funking it up with a maroon cardigan would look great too!

Jeanswest Basic Top

Jeanswest Basic Top

But for now….



TAG: Get Your Freak On!.. No seriously.

16 Oct

Okay so I know this is a little early in my blogging career to start speaking about my odd traits. But I stumbled across this year-old video by Jen from FrmHeadToToe, and found it to be super interesting! I can’t help but to answer these questions myself.

Okay to here are the questions:

#1. What’s a nickname only your family calls you?
This may not be an obvious one because my real name isn’t actually Rean. It’s Catherina.
In saying that, variations of “Cat” has come about. But one of the most common ones that only my family call be by is “Meow”. i.e. the sound that a cat makes. But there’s usually a Chinese slant to the pronunciation.

#2. What’s a weird habit of yours?
Weird habits, let’s see. This might not be that weird, but I tend to scrunch up my nose on a regular basis. Rabbit like.
I have no idea why I do it. It’s not that my face is a little itchy or I’m feeling uncomfortable. People have just picked up that motion at random times of the day, whilst I’m not even aware I’m doing it!
I guess that’s pretty weird.

#3. Do you have any weird phobias?
Oh yeah I definitely do. I think it’s called “Trypaphobia”.
You might find it a little odd that I can’t even be sure of the spelling, but it’s because I don’t want to Google it!
Basically it’s the fear of things like bee hives and honeycomb, or anything with an odd punctured look to it. I’ve heard that some people are even afraid of the way crumpets look, but I don’t think the phobia to that degree.

I have only ever tried to Google it once – when I realised that something must be a little odd about how I shudder when I see things of the like. And that has deterred me from ever searching it up again! Damn Google and their efficiency. There are always sample images of your search topic, right at the top of the page!
Don’t exactly want a reaction just from searching on Google…

#4. What’s a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you’re alone?
Uh… I don’t have a favourite really. But anything with love beautiful notes that can test out my vocals, e.g. Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder. 😉

#5. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?
I am one super organised individual. EVERYTHING has to be placed and used in chronological order. Everything has to be formatted correctly. And everything need to have proper grammar! I CANNOT stand it when my documents aren’t properly filed by the relevant naming convention, or a new tub of butter is opened before the old is finished!

#6. What’s one of your nervous habits?
I have recently started noticing that I bite my lip when nervous. Especially when driving…

#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
If the bed is against the wall, I refuse to sleep along the inside. I must have the opportunity to hang my limbs over the edge of the bed. Obviously I’m a super woman and am not afraid of the Boogie Monster.
It’s the open space that lures me.

#8. What was your first stuffed animal & it’s name?
Not so much animal, my first stuffed toy was a dolly. Her name was Dolly.
I must say judging from other bloggers’ TAG videos, children aren’t very original are they?

#9. What’s the drink you ALWAYS order at starbucks?
Did someone say GREEN TEA FRAPPUCCINO?! Why would you get anything else?

#10. What’s the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?
“You should always brush your hair frequently.” I mean I do, but not daily… I tend to brush my hair only after I give it a wash. Is that bad?!

#11. Which way do you face in the shower?
Face forward. I love the feeling of the shower head beating water down your face.

#12. Do you have any ‘weird’ body ‘skills’?
Unfortunately I lack in this department. The only thing that is marginally interesting would being able to fold my tongue… But half the world can do that.

#13. What’s your favorite ‘comfort food’/food thats ‘bad’ but you love to eat it anyways?
Who could deny some good old hot chips with a dollop of tomato sauce on the side? – for those in the US, let’s call it ketchup.

#14. What’s a phrase or exclamation you always say?
I do tend to say ‘perfect’ even if I don’t find the situation perfect… it’s a little misleading isn’t it?
Or something else I tend to do is repeat myself. “Lovelove” “Questionquestion”. The list goes on.

#15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing?
Those t-shirts and leggings you really love but are a little too old to wear out into public anymore? Well that’s my sleepwear right there.

Well I hope that gives a little bit more insight to who I am! I know this is about a year late and granted this TAG would’ve fizzled out by the time someone comes around to read this post. But it was definitely fun writing it!

Now go search up Trypaphobia and tell me whether I’ve spelt it right.

Lovelove. Rean.

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