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April 2013 BELLABOX

21 Apr

Hey guys!

Here’s the April Bellabox 🙂 (Sorry that it’s so close to the March Bellabox… Just wanted to post this whilst it’s relevant!).

See the opening of my Bellabox on Youtube!

This month’s theme is Innovative Beauty!

April Bellabox: Innovative Beauty

April Bellabox: Innovative Beauty

This month’s box is filled with things that I’m really excited about – a nice change to the last couple of month’s!

April Bellabox: Innovative Beauty

April Bellabox: Innovative Beauty

Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel

Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel

Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel

First off we have a product with the world’s longest name…!
This is essentially a face mask that’s supposed to draw out positively charged bacteria and impurities.

Positively charged… that’s new to me. I didn’t know there were positively or negatively charged particles!
Either way, I’m excited to try this simply because I’m looking for a good face mask. Hopefully this will help with my impurities and black heads!

Orofluido Hair Elixir

Orofluido Hair Elixir

Orofluido Hair Elixir

This elixir is apparently jam packed with argan, linseed and cyperus oil, giving your hair silkiness, lightness and shine! And apparently it’s supposed to work on any hair type in any condition.
This will be really good for my hair because I’ve been struggling with dry roots and a dry scalp.

I haven’t previously been too inclined towards using oils since I have oily hair and my skin is oily as well. But argan oil and all these other natural oils are the latest craze! It’s supposed to be really food for all skin and hair types and supposed to provide a nourishment. So… I’m EXCIIIITED!

Indio Multi-V Serum

Indio Multi-V Serum

Indio Multi-V Serum

This serum is supposed to be packed with vitamins A, H & F to keep skin healthy, beautiful and strong. That’s the marketing grab anyway.
I on the other hand I am entranced by the little blue, pink and white balls mixed in the serum! Not sure what they’re for, but it looks really pretty against the clear serum and silver packaging!

I’m also pretty excited about trying this since I just finished my Clinique Pore Minimiser and was looking for another serum to try.

Avene Micellar Lotion

Avene Micellar Lotion

Avene Micellar Lotion

Miracle lotion alert! This Avene Micellar Lotion is supposed to be a 3-1 product: removes make-up, cleanses and tones all at the time whilst not even requiring water to wash the product off!

I’m not sure about the whole “no need to wash after using this product” scheme.
Personally, if I’m trying to take off my make up at the end of the day, I’m thinking that I’d need more than a cotton pad soaked with a lotion. With the residue of the day and left over make-up that’s not mopped up by this lotion, I would normally prefer to give my face a good rinse afterwards.

I’ll give this a go, but I’m not quite the believer at the moment…

Rimmel BB Cream in Medium

Rimmel BB Cream in Medium

Rimmel BB Cream in Medium

With the increase of popularity with BB Creams in Asia, the western market is starting to bring out all sorts of versions of the BB Cream. Rimmel’s BB Cream has an SPF 25, containing 9 different skin properties to help smooth out the skin tone and impurities.

It doesn’t quite list what the 9 skin perfecting properties are, but this BB Cream is supposed to smooth, mattify, illuminate, brighten, minimise pores and protect with SPF.

It’ll be good to try this and compare it to the Asian BB Creams that I have tried, but I’m not sure about the colouring. It looks a little dark for my skin tone…

Lash Card

Lash Card

Lash Card

Now THIS is another product that I’m excited to try!
This has been on the market for awhile, but I haven’t gotten around to getting my hands on it.

Essentially it’s just a piece of cardboard that sits behind your upper or lower lashes to prevent the skin from being stained by the application of mascara.
This is great for anyone who has longer lashes or very curled lashes that might bend back and press onto the eye lid during mascara application.

I… do not have that problem. My lashes point STRAIGHT DOWN – it’s a miracle that eyelash curlers and waterproof mascara can hold onto any curl in my lashes.

I’m more excited to use this for my lower lashes though since when applying mascara, the product tends to get onto the skin beneath my eyes. The card has a small curve and large curve on both sides to fit either to top or bottom of your eye area.

The edges of the card can also help separate lashes and remove clumping from excess mascara!

It can also be a great shield of flaking mascara or any pigments dropping down to the cheek area when loose eye shadows are applied.

I’m evidently going to crack straight into these babies the moment I’m done blogging!

Eylure Naturalites Falsies

Eylure Naturalites

Eylure Naturalites

And last but not least, the April Bellabox had Eylure Naturalites falsies!
YAY! Yet another product that I’m super excited about!

These false lashes are great since they’ve got a nice natural look and volume – unlike some that are marketed as “natural” but looks more drag than anything else…

This set also comes with glue so it’ll be great for anyone that is just starting out on trying false lashes and haven’t got any materials to work with.

Just a note to those who are starting out with falsies: If you have dead set straight lashes like myself, you’ll want to give your lashes a good curl first before you apply any falsies. This will help your lashes curl similarly to the false ones and blend in a whole lot better 🙂

That’s it for the April Bellabox!
Let me know what you guys got and whether you’re happy with your Bellaboxes!

For now though…




REVIEW: Nivea Visage Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

18 Apr

Hi guys,

I finally have another review up! This time it’s on the Nivea Visage Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream that everyone’s been raving about.

Nivea Visage Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Nivea Visage Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Being 23, I’m starting to be more aware that the good condition of my skin will not last.
I’m ageing and I will eventually start seeing wrinkles around my eyes.
But since I’m already caring for my skin with cleansers and moisturisers, I thought “Why not start tackling these impending wrinkles before they appear?”.

That’s how my little journey on finding the best eye creams began.

For someone in their early 20s, I’m not looking for an eye cream that will fight the deepest of damage around my eyes.
I only have a couple of lines from dry skin around the eye area, as well as a slight dark circles.

I was researching online and this eye cream kept popping up with amazing reviews and raves! So I thought I’d give it a try.

The consistency is like any other moisturiser and there’s no scent involved – so it’s great for anyone who has a sensitive nose.
It’s not greasy or unpleasant – so that’s another plus.

The packaging itself is quite simple and good to use.
There’s a nozzle at the end of the tube that allows just the right amount of cream to be produced, without drowning the tip of your finger with product when you try to squeeze some out. So that’s a third plus.

But I think that’s all the pros that I’ve found from this eye cream.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have wrinkles around the eye area yet – this might not be the cream for me.
But when I was reading reviews, this product seemed to have more advantages like tackling dry skin and being an all-round good “preventer” of problems.

This cream didn’t really do anything for me.
My dark circles are still evident – just as dark as they were before I started using this product.
My skin is still dry – the lines are still evident from the lack of hydration about my eyes.

Essentially the whole eye area is just about the same as it was before. And this is after using 3/4 of the tube. So I’ve given it sufficient time to shine.

It just didn’t work out for me.
Don’t get me wrong though. If you are looking for an eye cream to tackle wrinkles and crow’s feet, you might still want to give this one a go.
The price isn’t too bad at all, being a drugstore/high street purchase. And the product hasn’t reacted to my sensitive/acne-prone skin. Which is a extra tick to the pros.

If you are looking for an eye cream to target any other problems like dry skin, dark circles and prevention though, this product should be bumped downward in your list of “to try”.

I’ve come by other products that have worked well. One in particular was Clinique’s All About Eyes. That definitely blasted the dark circles out of my life, leaving me with nothing but a shadow of what I previously had to face when I looked in the mirror.
It will be something that I’d gladly revisit – I’m just shopping around to see whether there’s a cheaper alternative.

If you guys have any suggestions of eye creams that will help me with my problems of dry skin and dark circles around the eye area though, please drop a line and let me know 🙂 I’ll do a review on it and let you know how I go.

For now though…




1 Feb

Hi guys!

I’m really excited about today’s post – it’s my first “favourites” post EVER.
I haven’t been trying many new items lately. Been quite caught up with Christmas, New Years and my birthday (yay for me!). So all my favourites this month will be….

*drum roll*

…tools of the trade: Make Up Brushes!


Sigma Essentials Brushes: Mrs Bunny!

Sigma Essentials Brushes: Mrs Bunny!

Apologies if they look a little dirty… I hadn’t washed them before the photo!

Besides the fact that they have the most adorable name: Sigma Essentials Kit – Mrs Bunny, these brushes really are as soft and as amazing as everyone’s been raving about.
Up until the introduction of Sigma to my life, I’ve been putting up with harsh, prickly brushes that’s had bristles fall out left right and centre. But after getting these in the mail, my make up application process has been better than ever!

My favourites from this kit:

Sigma Brush: F50 Duo Fibre

Sigma Brush: F50 Duo Fibre

The F50 Duo Fibre brush is perfect for foundation application. Though the feeling was odd at first as I’ve only ever used the traditional foundation brush, the F50 really made the finished look flawless and airbrushed. Not only was it making me feel completely refreshed about make up, I was taking on a more positive look towards my previously “cakey” foundations.

Definitely a lifesaver.

Another favourite from the Sigma Kit is the E55 Eye Shading brush.

Sigma Essential Kit - Mrs Bunny: E55 Eye Shading Brush

Sigma Essential Kit – Mrs Bunny: E55 Eye Shading Brush

My eyelid space is only so limited and as I don’t like bringing darker eye shadow shades too high up towards the brow, this E55 brush is the perfect tool for both increased shading and blending.

After testing the E40 Tapered Blending brush within the same kit against this E55, I definitely prefer the stiff and short bristles for a more controlled blend.


Now for another brush favourite that’s NOT apart of the Sigma collection (I’m was brush-happy last month!).

Ecotools Blush Brush

Ecotools Blush Brush

This Ecotools Blush Brush has brought me towards loving cheek cosmetics even more!

Not only is it soft and durable without any bristle-loss or damage, the cruelty-free and recycled handle is a great way to help the environment.

You can get this brush at Priceline for $16.99 – but WAIT (*sales pitch*), I’ve just checked the website and they’re having a 20% off sale. Which makes the brush now $13.59 for a limited time only!
If you’re outside of Australia, Ecotools distribute to quite a few international locations. So just check their official website and see whether you can spot your country on the list.

I must say though, I’m VERY jealous of those who live in the States. Why is everything so much cheaper there?!?

Ecotools is selling this same Blush Brush in America for $6.99USD. If you compare the current exchange rate between Australian dollars and US dollars, I would’ve saved more than $10 just to get the same brush!

Must schedule a trip to the states sometime soon and bring back a great big haul of products.


But for now, I must stay in Australia where prices are inflated and products limited…



REVIEW: Clinique All About Eyes

30 Oct

If you didn’t know already, Clinique is one of my favourite skincare brands. And after using this product, my love for all things Clinique has only grown!


I initially got this in a gift pack when I had a massive duty-free Clinique haul on my way back from Thailand. Never thinking that I really needed any eye creams yet – as I’m still 22, I didn’t try it till recently.

I used it without paying too much attention. It was already in my drawers so it was better on my face than it was untouched. But as I was nearing the end of my jar and looking to find a replacement, I properly examined the skin under my eye for the first time since application. And WOW has it made such a big difference!

I used to have very large eye bags – ones that you could see a MILE away. They were puffy and obvious and to top things off, my dark circles wasn’t providing much help with obscurity.

It was not until I looked at my under eye area again, after using about the whole jar of Clinique All About Eyes, that I realised the puffiness was completely gone!

Yes it was GONE! No traces of my previously XL eye bags could be seen!
I thought I was seeing things – but I was only seeing the work that this product had done.

The circles themselves had reduced to a lighter shade. They haven’t disappeared completely so I’d say that All About Eyes is more for puffiness than anything else. But ladies if you’re looking to get rid of those embarrassing under eye baggage, then I definitely recommend you try this Clinique eye serum!


Texture wise: it’s definitely not a cream. It looks like a gel and smooths onto the skin very nicely. There isn’t an oily finish but neither does it give that “refreshing feeling” that other eye creams and serums might provide. But it’s definitely light enough to wear even during the day under your foundation without interfering with how your base applies on your face.
Sometimes I find that certain skincare can cause foundation to concentrate in those areas making you look exceptionally blotchy – not the best look.
Clinique All About Eyes doesn’t do this though.

Verdict: definitely a great product to try if you’re having issues with under eye puffiness! I’m not too sure about the price as I only received this in the gift pack. But if its going to get rid of some baggage and self-consciousness, why not?

Definitely 7/10.
Would’ve given it more if it performed better with other under eye troubles.

Hoped this review helped! Let me know if you find any other eye creams/serums or if you have any other skincare and cosmetic products you recommend. I’d definitely give it a try and review it for you!

But for now…

Lovelove. Rean.

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